Skinny Fiction

Skinny Fiction is any story with a word limit of 100, 50, 25 or 10 words. It’s a real challenge to tell a complete story in so few words but it can be a lot of fun to try.

Ernest Hemingway managed to write a complete story in only six words and it’s still regarded as a powerful work of fiction.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

If you’ve written some Skinny Fiction you can send it to the Skinny Fiction site run by Gary Taffe, author of Urban Hunters, at Skinny Fiction.  Follow the instructions on the site and your story might be chosen for publishing on a Skinny Fiction web page like this one. Include your word count when you send your story.

If you have a web or blog site, you can host Skinny Fiction stories on your own site for your followers to enjoy. Instructions on Gary Taaffe’s site.

Readers can enjoy a selection of stories from Skinny Fiction here.



Footsteps. Alone. Full moon.

by Amelia Skinny Fiction

Rolling Stones

“Get off”, Mick urged them. It’s weed we want, not moss.

by Yew Black  Skinny Fiction


Historical Romance

As she watched him undress, Anne Boleyn was no longer sure what there was about him that had caused her to lose her head.

by Yew Black  Skinny Fiction


Please Explain

Our kids were constant visitors next door and played happily with the neighbour’s kids.One morning they asked if they could go next door. I replied, ‘It is early yet, wait a while, their mum may still be asleep in bed and you would only get on her nerves.’ Apparently the next door kids were just as keen and I heard one call out ‘When are you coming over to play?’ Imagine my red face when I heard my youngest yell back. ‘We can’t come over yet. Mum said that your mum will only get on our nerves.’

by Annabelle  Skinny Fiction

Friends to Relatives

Sandra was meeting Scott for coffee. This was their third meeting. She smiled as he said ‘Hello’. ‘Isn’t it strange how we feel as if we’ve known each other before?’ Sandra said as they sat down. ‘I’ve brought some family photos to show you, do you want to see?’ Scott nodded yes with a smile. ‘That’s my dad, my mum, and my two brothers.’ Sandra’s finger travelled along the photos. ‘They’re a nice family.’ Her eyes moved up from the photos and Sandra saw Scott’s surprised expression. ‘What?’ she asked. Scott breathed deep. ‘We have a parent in common.’

Joan Harley 2012  Skinny Fiction

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