Confessions of a reluctant blogger

Confessions, eh? Now there’s a word to raise a bit of curiosity. What kind of confessions? Well, let’s get this straight from the start – I’m not about to be spilling the beans on anything intensely personal. And I’m not going to be spouting any grand views of a political, religious or social nature.

This blog is for writers and readers and it’s going to be about writing and books. See that title at the top of the page? Jacqueline Winn, writer. That describes what I’d rather be doing every day. It summarizes what I’ve been slogging away at for the past dozen years or so. And it tells you what I most like talking about with other people.

So, I’m going to be putting up posts with some of the things I’ve learned about writing and some of the tricks I’ve stumbled across when I’ve been writing short stories and novels and the occasional script or poem. I hope it will be helpful to other writers and interesting to readers. More than that, I hope it will stimulate some lively discussion about how writing works and how writers approach this very slippery art. I’m interested in what other writers and readers have to say, so please join in the discussions and let’s see if we can’t help each other a bit with this writing business.

Truth be told, I’d really like to launch this blog with some fireworks – just love fireworks, big and loud and colourful. And a bit of music, something Coldplayish, perhaps. And chocolate, definitely chocolate. And wine, yes we have to have wine. Trouble is I can’t seem to find any buttons on this blogsite for any of those things. So you’ll just have to light your own fireworks, put on a bit of Coldplay, buy some chocolate and open a bottle of wine.

Right, ready? I hereby raise a glass to anyone who wants to click on my follow button and I now declare this blog open (cuts imaginary ribbon with imaginary scissors).

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